24 Hour UL Alarm Monitoring - U.L. certification assures customers that our central station will provide the most reliable burglar and fire alarm service available.

Here at Alarm Connections & Security, Inc.,. We use C.O.P.S. Monitoring.

C.O.P.S. has been a leader in the monitoring industry for over 34 years.

Since 1978, C.O.P.S. Monitoring continues to specialize in many types of alarm monitoring and delivers professional service with industry-leading response times. Because we own and operate 4 strategically located hometown central stations, if local conditions affect one of our locations, we continue to deliver fast and professional service by overstaffing our other load-sharing centers.

Monitoring your accounts requires precision delivered by professional dispatchers. That's why we don't hire just anyone to be a dispatcher. The person handling your customers' alarms must have the right professional demeanor, temperament, and overall personality that is right for the job. Then, they must be thoroughly trained. That's why our rigorous recruiting, hiring, training, advancement, and incentive tools were all designed over several years under the direct supervision of an industrial psychologist. The programs are continually refined to ensure that we only hire and maintain the very best people to serve you and your customers.



U.L. certification assures customers, their insurance firms and their local emergency service agencies, that our central station will provide the highest quality and most reliable burglar and fire alarm service that are available to both residential and commercial customers.

To be listed, each alarm company must first agree to an on-site inspection of their monitoring station. The inspection primarily concentrates on the monitoring equipment being used, construction of the facility (e.g. fire-proof walls, location of the monitoring station inside the facility), and the station's power supply (e.g. power room must be secure, and there must be a back up power supply).

One of the bigger requirements of the certification is that the monitoring station must be dedicated to alarm monitoring only. Location of the station is also important: it must be protected by a minimum of two fire-rated security doors, and NOT located on the ground floor, or any room with outside windows. Certified companies must also agree to inspections of a select number of their alarm installations, to ensure they meet or exceed UL standards.

The final requirement of a listing is training in UL procedures and standards for monitoring staff and installers. This training is provided by UL and paid for through membership fees. Membership fees also enable UL to perform random audits of installations and monitoring stations to ensure compliance.

U.L. certification assures customers that our central station will provide the most reliable burglar and fire alarm service available.