Testing your system

We recommend you test your system once a month. We also recommend that you test your system after any work is done at your premises (i.e.) construction, electrical work, changes to your telephone service, etc.)

To test your Alarm System it must be placed "on test" testing your system without placing it "on test" is not recommended and may result in unnecessary dispatches.

To test your alarm system, call C.O.P.S. Monitoring at 1-800-633-2677 to tell that you want to test your alarm system. Please have the following information

Your name

The name of your account

The receiver and account number or the premises telephone number

Your central system passcode

The amount of time you want to test for

The C.O.P.S. dispatcher will verify that your system has been placed on test and the test duration.

Then test your system by arming your system and tripping the sensors.

You will not receive a phone call and we will not dispatch the authorities but you will call C.O.P.S. for your test results.