Alarm Connections — New Year. New Look. (Invoices)

Alarm Connections Partners,

Starting with the February billing cycles, and as part of our effort to improve the customer experience, we have redesigned our invoices to make them easier to read and graphically more consumer friendly. We have also changed service vendors to a new company, OSG/South Data. Our new relationship will provide new capabilities, technology and a full menu of options in the future-where we will be able to build marketing campaigns or communications down to the Partner level that will afford you opportunities to directly market and communicate to our customers. We are in the first phase of our development, but we will keep you informed as we build these exciting capabilities in the future.

We attached the inserts that will be sent out with the new invoice forms so the customer can see how we organized their invoice to make it easier to read and understand.

There are two invoice forms. The Invoice/Statement is designed for residential customers. The form that shows Invoice is designed for Commercial Customers. We removed Statement from the Commercial invoice forms because some of our larger commercial customers only pay off invoices-not statements. By the way-with 4-color laser printing…utilizing your logo will better promote your brand!! See a couple samples below. If you haven’t done so already-send us your logo as a high resolution JPEG to Logo Upload Email button below and we will start to work it into our production schedule for the March billing. Timing is everything-we will need your logo no later than February 5, 2021.


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