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Why Go Local?

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Businesses trust local businesses

Meet Kai

Kai owns a small retail clothing business in a bustling part of town. Protecting his employees and his inventory is essential to him — that’s why he selected a local alarm company to protect his business and merchandise. By going with a local alarm company, he gets fast and reliable service with competitive pricing from people who actually live in his neighborhood and care about his security.

owners who live in your community

Meet Steve and Patricia

Steve & Patricia were looking for a smart home security system with enhanced mobile capabilities and interactive services. A security system that was professionally monitored, but at the same time gave them the ability to monitor their home 24/7 with remote video solutions, to see who’s at the front door, or while at work or on vacation look in to make sure all is safe and secure. Steve and Patricia thought about a national company, even one of those DIY companies, but decided to keep it local. They hired a local alarm company who expertly installed their system and now they can rest easy.


Locate Your Local Alarm Connections Partner

Use our network of trusted, locally-owned alarm companies to find someone who lives in your community and has the ability to provide the best and all of the latest technology and solutions with quick service and competitive pricing.

Benefits of Local Partners

Our local partners work with you to secure your home and business. Protect what matters most while working with someone you know. 





When it comes to safety, being in the same community is crucial. Their community is your community, their neighborhood is your neighborhood. Keeping communities safe is important for everyone.

When you choose the local professional - you'll get to know them on a first name basis...try that with a national company.

You’re not anonymous - having a local alarm company means real customer service and real customer representatives who want to serve you.

When you need service, the same day or the next day is not the exception to the rule like national companies, but the golden rule.

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